About Us

  We are a group of individuals who passionately love the Chow Chow breed of dog. Some of us like to show our Chow Chows in conformation. Some of us like to do agility, rally, obedience, coursing and other performance activities with our chows. Some of us like to do Therapy Dog work with our chows. And some of us spend time rescuing unfortunate chow chows that have entered the shelter/rescue system. All of us enjoy our dogs as friends and companions. Our motto is "Discovering the future of chows!" We all share the common goal of ensuring the preservation of this unique breed of dog.


We hold meetings at least six (6) times during the year. We invite everyone who is interested in this fascinating breed of dog to come to any of our meetings. Visit our calendar to find the dates and locations for those meetings.

Constitution and By-Laws

We have just approved our Constitution and By-laws! Click the link or use the navigation bars on the side or bottom to go to that page.


We welcome people who love chow chows and who are interested in belonging to a club that likes to do chow-related activities! You can download the membership application by clicking the link "I want to be a member!" The application is an Adobe .pdf file format, so you can open it directly and print it or you can save it. The file itself is not editable yet.


We post our newsletters here and on Facebook. Click the links and you can either open the file or save it as it is in PDF format.


Look up the Northeast Chow Chow Breeders Association on Facebook and "Like" us!

Officers & Board of Directors

  • President:  Dr. Jeffrey Baron
  • Vice-President: Robert Narloch
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Antonio Raposo
  • Board Member: Lisa Antoni
  • Board Member: Mark Johnson
  • Board Member: Waldron Newall
  • Board Member: Sharon Raposo
About the Northeast Chow Chow Breeders